Code Moms

A Mom-and-Son Team


This website is an evolving project that I started working on when I first began learning coding skills with my son. It is not made with a template like Wordpress. Instead, it is custom coded with HTML, CSS and jQuery. When I uploaded my first version, I had just learned the basics of HTML and launched a simple page with inline styling. The website you see here is Version 8. You can check out previous versions on the Code Progress page.

It is my hope that we might encourage others who want to learn how to code. It doesn't matter if you are a mom, a dad, if you are young or old. The tools and resources are out there and you can teach yourself how to code. With today's technology, anything is possible.

On the Path to Learning Code

The Team

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We are a mother and son team on the path to learning code together. We started this path in 2014. My son had recently graduated high school and wanted to pursue a career in computer programming and web design. I wanted to learn a new skill so I could re-enter the workforce. So we decided to pair-learn code together.

When we first began this trek, I did not know anything about code at all. Yet over this time, we have slowly developed coding skills and are now building our portfolio.

With a Goal to Become Web Developers

Our Goal

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In January 2014, we set a goal to learn 500 hours of code in the year. We didn't know how long it would take, but we knew we wanted to learn front end web development and started our trek with the basics of HTML and CSS.

By the beginning of 2015, we had the basics down and were moving into intermediate topics like: jQuery, javascript, frameworks, design, responsiveness, user experience and interactivity. We set a goal of 500 more hours.

We Pair-Learn 2 Hours a Day

How We Learn

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We learn by putting in the time. 500 hours might sound like a lot, but that's only two hours a day. We learn everything online, at home, and at our own pace from several different online schools. Check out our page on Our Schools to see the sites we have used in our journey. Treehouse has been one of our favorite platforms.

We spend our time with online courses, but we also create lots of mini projects so we can "learn by doing." With learning code, there is a lot of information to process, so we take small steps and practice, practice, practice.

And Leave a Trail of Breadcrumbs

Keeping Track of our Trek

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Now in our third year, we are creating our portfolio as we continue to learn and refine our skills. I have kept a blog on our journey since day one. To read it, click the Trek Blog link.

So this website has been our ongoing project as we continue learning. It is our hope that we can be an inspiration to others on the path to learning code. Technology and gives us a freedom to learn and create our own destiny. If you want to learn code, there is ample resources out there. You just need the desire, the discipline, and a lot of determination. And never, never give up!