Heal Your Heart with Mandala Art

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About Niki One-Wing

My name is Niki and I am an artist, a cancer survivor and a one-winged amputee. I created my first Mandala many years ago on a napkin in a coffee shop. Drawing colors in a circular pattern felt calming and centering. At the time, I didn’t even know what a Mandala was. Little did I know, I was visually meditating.

Napkin Mandala

It was several years later that I came back to this mindful artwork, when I faced a serious life-threatening diagnosis of cancer, which led me to losing my arm. At the time, I was given two years to live and the fear I experienced was overwhelming. Then one day, I happened upon a Mandala art class and learned about the healing effects of this art form. From there, I started creating many Mandalas and used it as one of the tools in my recovery. Drawing Mandalas helped me to stay centered and calm during one of the most turbulent periods of my life.

Today I am a survivor and I truly believe that Mandala art was an integral part of my healing process. Drawing or coloring a Mandala is a healing, visual, meditative tool that can help to center and destress.  

Niki One-Wing


If you are interested having a workshop or if you would like to inquire about purchasing a print or giclee, please contact me at: Niki One-Wing