Heal Your Heart with Mandala Art

Blue Petals

Mandala Art

The word Mandala is Sanskrit for "sacred circle" and represents balance, wholeness and harmony. Here are a few of the Mandalas that I have created as a visual meditation. Some are small and timid, some are bold and vibrant, and many have a heart in the center which represents compassion.

When I start a Mandala, I don't have a plan or agenda. I only set the intention to let go and connect to spirit. Since they are all created free-hand, each Mandala appears organic, unique, beautiful and imperfect - just like the human spirit.

Blazing Heart Bliss Light of the Heart Blooms of Love Crystal Heart Flaming Heart Focal Flower Healing Green Ocean Love Healing Petals Infinite Love Mandala Lotus Heart Mother Moon  Golden Flame Blessing Petals Golden Heart Balance Blue Morning's Hope Mandala Napkin Mandala Ruby Heart Yin Yang Mandala Healing Heart Mandala Omi's Heart