Heal Your Heart with Mandala Art

One Mandala with Quote by Pema Chodron

Niki's Mandala Workshop

Niki's Mandala Workshop

Over several years, I have offered many "Mandala Workshops for Healing." I started by offering workshops to cancer survivors at local hospitals to share my story and inspire other survivors. This was a way for me to give back to the world.

I soon discovered this method of healing was not just limited to those challenged with physical illness like cancer. Mandala art is for anyone who is needing a tool to help them center and connect as they manage through any of life's changes, whether it's a student going through high school, an elder in retirement, or a meditator wishing to deepen their connection to spirit.

Thus I extended my classes to a wider range of people. I started bringing my workshops to local schools, retirement homes, small groups as well as private one-on-one settings.

Niki Mandala Workshop

Demonstration Booth at Local Hospital

About the Workshop

A workshop is typically two hours long and introduces the Mandala Process. We discuss what a Mandala is and learn about it’s positive effects in connecting with our inner wisdom. I provide paper with Mandala templates or blank circles on paper for coloring. No art experience is necessary.

I always begin with a meditation and encourage participants to set an intention with their Mandala. Then we color and/or design our personal Mandala in silence since this is a visual meditation that allows each of us to harmonize and balance our minds. Through the activity, the left (logical) side brain can balance with the right (intuitive) side. Once we complete the art, we share and reflect in group discussion.